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Renovation of stone

Our next product that was mainly because of equipment for finishing stone is undoubtedly the restoration of stone surfaces, especially stairs or floors. We prefer the mechanical processing technology which is always gentler compared to chemical cleaners.

For example, for granite levels in residential buildings it is a very effective treatment of surfaces, as the stairs originally and in most cases have been hammered, but their subsequent maintenance is very difficult and sometimes impossible. By grinding the surface of the steps is flat and therefore well-washable. It is necessary, to use a final finish coat with a hydrophobic effect, which repels water and therefore other impurities.

Materials which we commonly renovate: granite, sandstone, marble.


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Our company specializes exclusively on cast teraco - terrazzo, artificial stone - hammered terrazzo, precast terrazzo, restoration and repair of terrazzo surfaces. Renovation of stone, architectural concrete finish.
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