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Cast terrazzo - floorings

The indisputable advantage with terrazzo flooring is a wide range of application, easy maintenance, seamless surface, long life, wide range of colors and color combinations, and the incorporation of various decorative elements in floor that can support domination and appearance of the floor. We confirm the slogan that is on the front page of our website that a high level can start at the bottom, at the floor.

The division of terrazzo dilation with floors is dependent solely on the substrate; terrazzo is a thin material and not a structure. An underfloor heating is necessary to be already in the underlay structure.

Due to advanced technology, we are now able to satisfy a wide range of clients.

Terrazzo is used in a number of buildings of residential character, but also in the construction of public facilities, where terrazzo has undoubtedly found its place. An effective design can be achieved to create a dominant part of the building, which will be a functional element. It all depends on the imagination of the client or architect.

We often meet with reactions to the price of terrazzo, which is considered as expensive and superior. It undoubtedly is, but one needs to get another point of view over this claim. Cost of a new floor is higher than floor tiles, ca. 2500 CZK m2, but especially the above-mentioned lifespan of the floor are cost savings in the coming years. Terrazzo floors that are older and even more than a hundred years, can be very well restored for an acceptable cost and serve on. Compared with pavement, which would be necessary to change several times, they are definitely cheaper.

Finally ,,you can also get from Prague to Brno in a Trabant“ but would you necessarily buy one for everyday use?

Everyone answers this by herself.

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Our company specializes exclusively on cast teraco - terrazzo, artificial stone - hammered terrazzo, precast terrazzo, restoration and repair of terrazzo surfaces. Renovation of stone, architectural concrete finish.
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