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Hammered Terrazzo artificial stone

Terrazzo material is also used as hammered plaster.

This plaster has a very long lifetime, compared to other materials, it can be very easy to maintain. It is used especially in the outdoors, but also indoors and especially during the 1st Republic. Utilization was very diverse, such as home bases, entrances, columns, railings of bridges, fences, retaining walls, decorative elements in the interior, etc. Its surface is machined by rough technology is not cut and polished as the floors, but machined by bush hammers.

The base below the artificial stone should always be cement plaster. However due to the advanced technologies in the construction industry, for example, glass fiber mesh with an adhesive on permanent formwork can be used. The substrate should be firm to avoid breaking. It is therefore not suitable to use polystyrene, or insulation wool.

The plaster thickness is 15-20 mm depending on the fraction of the aggregate. At the corners a so called hinge is used as an ending, which worked as a decorative element, but its function is rather technical nature because of the finishing edges. When hammered the corner would break.

Final surface treatment should be with colorless hydrophobic coating


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